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Buffalo, NY /

Nickel City Pixels

Video games.


Description of Services;

An expansive library of award-winning art assets, award-winning IP, and potentially exclusive license to revolutionary business methods poise Nickel City Pixels to lead the game industry. Nickel City Pixels forge video games that merchandise, educate, and entertain.

Nickel City Pixels, Inc. in the media:

The developer behind Nickel City Pixels is also single-handedly responsible for the award winning mod DreamCasters' Duel.

  • Appeared on Korean Nat'l TV, 랫즈 고 스굴
  • Appeared on GameSeekTV's Indie Developer Interview
  • Awarded license to Illustrate! rendering software
  • Front page feature at,
  • Mod of the Moment 2006
  • MOTY 2006: top 100
  • MOTY 2006: 3rd place, Stand Alone Engine (according to total number of votes)
  • MOTY 2007: top 100
  • Recipient of RedEye Studios Motion Capture files
  • Vetted by Guiness Book of World Records for "the most game art assets ever single-handedly created for a video game”

We are currently seeking to license our game-related patent pending technologies.