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Buffalo, NY /

Bitdog LLC

Open souce home automation

  • Founded: 2015
  • Employees: 3
  • Email:
  • 208x110 Address:

    Bitdog, LLC
    2000 Commerce Parkway
    Lancaster, NY 14086


Our Target Market

People who love technology and want to attach wires to things and program for fun.

Our product

Bitdog IoT cloud service that puts Z-Wave at the center of a Maker’s Home Automation paradise. Our product enables home automation hobbyists to explore the world of Z-Wave devices and create new solutions for everyday problems. 

The Details

Bitdog Hub

Bitdog Hub is an open-source IoT hub based on Raspberry PI hardware and software built with Node.js. The Bitdog Hub offers the ultimate in flexibility with the best price for the maker community. The Raspberry PI platform allows experimenters full freedom to create new types software and hardware solutions. Raspberry PI’s incredible community support and popularity makes it a great platform for the home hobbyist.  Like the Raspberry PI, Node.js also enjoys strong community support. The Node.js development environment requires no specialized tools or compliers to create applications and JavaScript is easily learned even by the most inexperienced hobbyist. Bitdog Hub comes with Z-Wave support out-of-box allowing makers to create home automation solutions while enabling them to extend those solutions as they feel fit.

Bitdog Cloud 


Bitdog Cloud offers extended integration capabilities to Bitdog Hub for other cloud platforms and services. Bitdog Cloud comprises five core services, Bitdog IoT Messaging Backbone, Bitdog Data Lake, Bitdog Dashboard, Bitdog Cloud Integration Services, and access to Bitdog’s mobile, desktop, and game console apps.

Bitdog Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure and Bitdog LLC is part of the Microsoft BizSpark program. Microsoft Azure provides Bitdog Cloud with required fault tolerance and geodiversity having datacenters in Central US, East US, North Central US, South Central US, West US, North Europe, and West Europe.


Bitdog Data Lake

Bitdog Data Lake offers large scale, real-time, Hadoop like, data capture and indexing. Events and data produced by Bitdog Hub are captured and stored in an enterprise data lake. The data lake is combined with an elastic search infrastructure to provide lightning fast real-time analytics that can be used for real-time rule evaluation and events, and report dashboards.  Historical data is used to create long term views and future projections. Bitdog Data Lake and elastic search is the corner stone of Bitdog’s future machine learning platform.