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Buffalo, NY /

An Intro to Sentiment Analysis with Python

Main Presentation

Discussion of sentiment analysis and its use. During this talk, Tobias Riazi will introduce attendees to performing sentiment analysis on Twitter data and demonstrate an approach to achieve usable results.

• You mad? - What is sentiment analysis and why is it becoming more important?

• Do I make the rules? - The difference between rule based and machine learning approaches

• Project Introduction (Twitter data and analysis)

• Intro to Twitter API (tweepy)

• Intro to sqlite3 and pandas

• Intro to vader (rule based)

• Intro to nltk (ML)

• The magic behind the scenes - Project code overview and demo

• Open discussion/questions

Follow up Discussion

As an addendum to the main presentation, Tyler Rinker will be discussing the theory of sentiment.

Submitted by

Eightbit-59902de7-98ba-42d1-a922-49a369f68e3b Brett Langdon


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