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Buffalo, NY /


UB North Campus, Davis Hall Room 113A 1 White Rd , Amherst, NY 14228 (map)

Mike Gluck is co-author, with John H. Johnson, of the book, EVERYDATA, a discussion of the misinformation hidden in all the data we encounter. He will discuss pitfalls of sampling, averages and aggregates, correlation versus causation, forecasting, and, in general, ways we can misinterpret all the data we are deluged with. He has very humbly told me he is neither a techie nor a PhD mathematician. I've told him most programmers and database administrators aren't mathematical wizards either and I sure he can provide some insights that will help us attack and interpret the data we are now deluged with.

Davis Hall is on White Rd, not far from the Bookstore. The Jarvis B lot is just across the road. No parking permit is required after 3PM.

Sponsors for this season are EngineYard ( and Stark and Wayne ( We will continue our tradition of light refreshments at 7:00 with the presentation at 7:15.

Please rsvp ( so we know how many are coming. (Also, if there are any last minute announcements they will be sent to those who have rsvp'd and members of the BuffaloData google group.)

Also, we are going to try something new at the next few meetups. From 7:00 to 7:15 there will be an open floor for anyone to give a short talk on a loosely related topic that may be of interest to the group. This could be a lightning talk, an appeal for help from the group, or just to share something interesting. Without slides is best, but slides will be allowed. Obvious advertisements, or pandering may be met with tomatoes.


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