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Boston, MA /

Destroy Complexity with Interceptors

Akamai Technologies, Inc 150 Broadway (aka 8 Cambridge Center) , Cambridge, MA (map)

Meet & Greet w/ Pizza starts at 6:30, presentation at 7:00.

Title: Destroy Complexity with Interceptors

Speaker: Chris O'Donnell, Reify Health

Summary: Interceptors are at the foundation of the popular Clojure libraries Pedestal and Re-frame, and you can use them too! This talk will describe what interceptors are and how they can be used. It will be accessible to audience members who have minimal experience with Clojure, because it will have tons of pictures.

About our Speaker: Chris has been hacking and chopping at complexity with Clojure for fun since 2010. After somehow convincing a few professors he deserved a PhD in math in 2017, Chris has been exterminating complexity professionally at Reify Health, a rockin' healthcare startup.


Future meeting ideas can be discussed over the meetup board and in our Google discussion group:!forum/boston-clojure


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