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Boston, MA /

Java and Collections: Evolution of the Collections API

Red Hat, Open Innovation Labs, Boston 300 A Street Boston, Boston, ma 02210 (map)

Over the last few years the Java language has been evolving. With the advent of other JVM languages, the Java Community Process has been evaluating new ideas and features for inclusion in the Java language. One area which is seeing changes is the Java Collections API. Adding features like streams, Default Methods in Interfaces, and Functional Programming paradigms; Java is becoming more modern and more developer friendly with each release. In this session we will investigate the changes introduces starting with Java 8 and proceed to discuss features in the coming Java 10 release in early 2018.

Speaker: Deven Phillips

Deven has spent more than 20 years delivering custom open-source solutions to reduce costs and improve reliability for his clients. A co-organizer of both the Louisville Area Java User's Group (JUGGL) and the KY Open Source Society (KYOSS), Deven has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the community for a long time. Deven's expertise lies in server-side and infrastructure software development and DevOps using Java, Erlang, Ceylon, Python, C, and various other programming languages. Deven is also a contributor to a number of both small and well-known open source projects like Apache Camel, Mockrunner, jOOQ, and more.


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