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Boston, MA /

Baron Schwartz: Observability Writ Large

Wayfair Offices - 4 Copley Place 4 Copley Place Floor 7, Boston, MA 02116 (map)

We are delighted to host Baron Schwartz, CEO of Vivid Cortex, author of High Performance MySQL, and noted contributor to MySQL.  He will be giving the following talk:

Everyone's talking about observability these days. (Some of them think it's just the new word for monitoring!) Let's talk about:

* What is observability, exactly? How's it different from monitoring?

* What are the pillars of observability? What are the core tools and systems?

* What are the golden signals of service health and status?

* What are the golden signals of resource performance?

* What kinds of instrumentation enable great observability for services?

Pizza at 6:30, talk at 7:15


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