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Boston, MA /

3 Topics - Rico dos Santos & Rick Nagy from McGraw-Hill Education

Mcgraw-Hill Education 281 Summer St , Boston, (map)


Topic 1: Building Angular Libraries - A Simple Example Build a high-level understanding of the steps involved in the creation of an Angular library using the Angular package format. 

Topic 2: AOT Compilation Deep Dive Grasp the step by step process of what happens when you utilize ahead-of-timecompilation to pre-compile your components at build.

Topic 3: Angular Forms with Input Components Address the challenges of nesting components with inputs inside Angular forms and the way to perform validations in these types of scenarios.

Speaker Bios:

Rico dos Santos is a front end engineer and lover of all things js mv*.  He is currently a Lead Software Engineer at McGraw-Hill Education where he creates user friendly and accessible web apps with Angular.  Most recently he has been working on a high performance datagrid component that supports virtualization for rows AND columns, something ngx-datatable and material 2 do not support.  The grid is in the approval process to be open sourced to keep an eye out!

Rick Nagy is a Senior Software Engineer at McGraw-Hill Education, where he tries to find excuses to write more Angular. He also likes Node, Rails, and Docker and has very strong opinions on edtech and product and useability. He's also a proud doggfather to two rescue doggos.



6:00pm - Doors open for everyone; food and beverages available

7:00pm - Talk

8:00pm to 8:15pm - Networking, clean-up, bye!


Address: 281 Summer Street - 7th Floor

Google Maps:



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