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Boston, MA /

Boston Amazon Web Services Meetup - Tuesday, 6:30-9PM

CA Technologies Veracode offices 65 Network Dr., 3rd Floor , Burlington, MA (map)

Thank you to Viki Paige with CA Technologies, and Veracode for sponsoring food/presentation/location. The location is 65 Network Dr., 3rd Floor, Burlington, MA. Please note that the building signage says Veracode (directions)

Security Note: The host building will have a reception table in the lobby.  This site requires photo ID, and confirmation with your Meetup account. Please be ready to match these up when you arrive. An easier method is to just update your Meetup account with your LEGAL NAME as reflected on your photo ID. If you are not on the RSVP list you may not get in. Thank you. 


1st Presentation: Leveraging Elasticsearch as the foundation of an AWS Cloud based Digital Experience Monitoring platform

Speaker: Bryan Whitmarsh, Director, Product Management

Abstract: In this session, we will discuss our experiences in creating a highly performant, scalable, and real-time data ingestion and processing analytics platform running on AWS. We will review our architecture, usage, lessons learned, and recommended best practices working with Elastic technology. CA’s platform models a Lambda Architecture with the use of a combination of open source technologies such as Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, and HDFS. It was built to ingests large amounts of application trace files, metrics, session navigation details, and other UX data in real time from mobile devices and web applications to capture a holistic view of customer experience to developers and business stake holders.


2nd Presentation: Embracing DevSecOps: Tips on helping developers find security flaws faster using AWS

Speakers: Vineeta Puranik, VP Engineering and Operations and Janet Worthington , Sr. Product Manager

Abstract: Today’s code-driven digital economy requires that it is necessary to take proactive measures to reduce the attack surface and DevSecOps represent the opportunity to do so through application security. You will hear from AppSec and Development experts on how they embrace DevSecOps to continuously deliver products and services to customers. Veracode’s use of AWS, allows us to provide  DevSecOps solutions to our customers to meet the fast pace of development and the need to reduce security risk.  Learn more about how Veracodue uses AWS, how you can take the right steps in order to reduce time-to-deployment and lower costs as you deliver secure software.

What We Will Discuss:

• How you can embed security within your existing development environment

• How to integrate security unit testing into the Agile and DevOps SDLC

• How Veracode AWS architecture allowed us to achieve scale and performance, while keeping costs low

• How to improve developer learning for faster deployment of more secure code

• How to get the best out of API integrations to plug security into your workflow


PLEASE: ONLY RSVP if you seriously plan to attend this Meetup. Many thanks!


Interested in sponsoring future Meetups (location/food) and presenting? Want to setup a vendor table at one of our meetups? Want to schedule a one-off event with the members of the Boston Amazon Web Services Meetup? Read on...

For ALL inquiries, first, go to the Boston Amazon Web Services Meetup Group site and view the 'About us...' section (left side). Most common questions about sponsorship/presenting are answered.

Important: Presentation topics should focus on AWS, and Not 3rd-party products.

Contact Mark Annati, the moderator, at [masked] with interest in sponsoring/presenting.

Thank you.


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