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Boston, MA /

Nov 14: Azure and DevOps: ARM and ARM, + beginning the Dose of DevSecOps series

Microsoft NERD New England Research & Development Center One Memorial Drive , Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

[Clarification: yes, the date for this meeting is Tues Nov 14]

Join us as we kick off YEAR 9 of Boston Azure! (Our first meeting was 8 years ago - in Oct 2009 - with a talk from Brian Lambert. We are the first and oldest Azure-focused user group in the world. There are larger user groups that talk about Azure as one of multiple topics, but we don't know of any larger Azure-focused group, so we may also be the largest in the world based on number of folks registered in our community. And while we are celebrating birthdays, congrats to North Boston Azure, run by Azure MVP Jason Haley, which started its second year last month.

On Nov 14 our featured speaker is Jim O'Neil, Senior Architect at BlueMetal Architects, Azure MVP, and long-time supporter of the Boston Azure group. Jim will help you get into into your DevOps groove with ARM. We'll open with the first in a series of talks - A Dose of DevSecOps - looking secure operational practices in Azure, this one focusing on Azure Key Vault, presented by Bill

Hope to see you there! 



• NERD @ One Memorial Drive, 1st floor

• Be sure to bring government-issued photo ID for admittance to the building 


• 6:00 - 6:30 - Gather, grab a bite, and socialize

• 6:30 - 7:00 - A Does of DevSecOps: Azure Key Vault (Bill Wilder)

• 7:00 - 8:15 - Azure and DevOps: ARM and ARM (Jim O'Neil)

• 8:15 - 8:30 - Q&A, announcements 

• 8:30 - ... - maybe get a social beverage locally 


Thank you to Blue Metal Architects for sponsoring this event!

Talk Descriptions

Featured Talk: Azure and DevOps: ARM and ARM

Once you've provisioned your 17th service bus instance by clicking through various blades in the Azure portal, you're probably wondering "there has to be a better way," There is - with Azure Resource Manager templates, you can manage your services with code (JSON and some PowerShell) to provide for repeatable deployments across dev, test, and prod environments. This session will cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of ARM templating. It's not the most exciting topic for a user group meeting, but if you're working in Azure, ARM is a sine qua non (free piece of SWAG to first person in that session to translate that!).

About the speaker: Jim O'Neil is Senior Architect at BlueMetal Architects focusing on cloud technologies and IoT.

Opening Talk: A Dose of DevSecOps: Azure Key Vault

DevSecOps is a mindset that helps you maintain secure practices while scaling an engineering effort. In this series of talks (over multiple meetings), we'll look at some of the Azure capabilities that help keep you scalable and secure. In this installment, we'll look at Azure Key Vault and its role in managing certificates and secrets, and how this drives both operational efficiency and operational security.

About the speaker: Bill Wilder is Boston Azure founder, Azure MVP, author of Cloud Architecture Patterns, co-author (with Maura) of two Cloud Academy courses including one on Azure Security, and CTO at Finomial.


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