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Boston, MA /

Building Cross Platform Video Conferencing Applications With Richard Crane

Microsoft NERD New England Research & Development Center One Memorial Drive , Cambridge, MA 02142 (map)

Today developers need to be an expert at building applications for not just one platform, but multiple platforms across many different device formats. Come see how we build a complex video conferencing application using Visual Studio and the Zoom SDK that spans Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. See how we interop to Zoom's native libraries on each platform to achieve significant amounts of code reuse using Xamarin.Forms and .NET.

Presenter Bio 

Rich Crane is founder and CTO of MILL5. As founder of MILL5, Rich built on the skills and experience he gained at Microsoft to create a modern consulting company that delivers exceptional value to its clients. As an experienced entrepreneur, thought leader, and technologist Rich is focused on driving innovation through the use of next generation technologies.

As the Chief Technology Officer of MILL5, Rich leads the most experienced consultants in the industry to solve the most challenging business and technical problems facing their clients and provides them with innovative solutions that will create new business value.


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