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Boston, MA /

Ember.jsContract Testing & Open Source 101

Salsify 3 Center Plaza , Boston, MA (map)

The Boston Ember Meetup returns in October!

6:30-6:50pm food and socializing

6:50pm talks begin

Contract Testing with Ember.js by Dan Freeman (@schiefgelaufen) – open source contributor and frequent Ember Boston Speaker Dan is going to teach us about contract testing and how it can help speed up and break apart end-to-end test suites. We’ll talk about implementing contract tests in Ember, using Mirage and a tool called Pact.

Your First Open Source PR by Jen Weber (@jenweber)- In honor of Hacktoberfest, Ember Learning Team member Jen will share ways to get involved in an open source project, a step by step workflow for your code, and major lessons learned from one year in the land of OSS.

Venue, drinks, and food sponsored by Salsify!

NOTE: Dan Gebhardt's Orbit.js talk will be rescheduled for another date. You can learn more about the project at Orbit.js brings a git-like approach to tracking and synchronizing data. Orbit can unlock advanced capabilities like offline operation and store forking in your Ember applications.


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