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Boston, MA /

Boston Node #5: Node & DevSecOps, Web API Filtering, and Modern Boilerplates

Cogo Labs 1 Kendall Square , Cambridge, (map)

On Thursday September 21st at 6:00pm, Boston Node will be hosting our next meetup at Cogo Labs in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Join us for a jam-packed evening of tech discussions and networking opportunities!

Entry is free and we will include drinks and food thanks to our great sponsors. Our talks this month focus on Node.JS Security via your CI pipelines with Brian Sodano (@codemouse), Filtering in your Web APIs with Dan Fields (@danielsfields), and Boilerplate Generation for development with Connor Taylor (@taylorc93).

Looking forward to seeing you all there - can't wait for another awesome Boston Node.JS meetup!

Brian (@codemouse

Sam (@samanthakoliver)


ps - Please update your contact information for the Boston Node meetup group to help with attendance and nametags when you get a chance.  

——Event opens at 6:00pm, talks to start around 7:00pm——

Intro to Meetup - Welcome 


Talk #1: A journey into DevSecOps - Scanning your Node.JS projects as part of your CI pipelines with Brian Sodano (</a><a href="">@codemouse)

In the wake of many recent software-related information breaches, let's step back to examine what responsibility the developer has in the security of their own software.

Using your CI tools and existing build processes, let's walk through how to "Shift Left" and embrace the DevSecOps culture with our projects. We'll integrate some SaaS-based security vulnerability scanning tools and show how to secure your Node.JS applications as part of your build pipeline - to find problems before you ever ship.

Brian is a software developer and Javascript fanatic with an eternity of experience in a variety of industries. Usually busy building platforms and APIs, lately he has been focusing on securing the software build process. During the day, Brian is a lead developer at Cybric - a Security Orchestration platform that combines open source and commercial vulnerability scanning tools under a single, composable API.  You can follow him at @codemouse, and find slides from his presentations at


Quick break ~7:30pm - 7:45pm


Talk #2: Filtering your Web APIs with Dan Fields (@danielsfields)

As a Node.js developer chances are you’ve had to tackle the issue of how to accept filter criteria from user input in your web APIs.  This seemingly mundane problem can quickly become quite complicated.  How do you ingest this input safely?  How do you ensure this does not become a leaky abstraction?  How do you handle complex filter graphs while minimizing the amount of boilerplate you have to write and maintain?

In this talk, we’ll explore several options for accepting filter criteria in web APIs, discuss their pros and cons, and present a new tool for solving this issue.

Dan’s career has afforded him an opportunity to work with a wide variety teams in numerous industries.  His professional goal is to utilize his experience to build cohesive, high-performing engineering teams that use a data-driven approach to solve complex problems.  These days, he’s an engineer at TetraScience, and is helping to Internet-enable laboratory equipment.  When he’s not working or contributing to open source projects, you can find him tending to his BBQ smoker.


Talk #3: Boilerplate Generation for the Modern Developer with Connor Taylor (@taylorc93)

We live in a golden age of frameworks. Unfortunately, this has also led to an explosion of boilerplate code that developers need to write. In this talk, I'll go over a tool that I built called Cyto that allows developers to generate any textual boilerplate. I'll cover the basics of how it works, how it's different from other boilerplate generation tools out there, and how it's helped my team spin up a plethora of new apps easier than ever before.

Connor Taylor is a Senior Software Engineer at Minerva Analytics. While not building React / Django apps, he can be found writing new Javascript tools, gaming, or aggressively head-bobbing to the latest house / techno mixes.



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