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Boston, MA /

Boston Node #4: Typescript, Scaling your Repos, and Google Serverless

Cengage Learning 20 Channel Center Street , Boston, MA 02210 (map)

On Thursday August 24th at 6:00pm, Boston Node will be hosting our next meetup at Cengage in Seaport, Boston. Join us for an absolutely amazing evening of tech discussions, entertainment, and networking. 

Entry is free and we will include drinks and food thanks to our great sponsors. Our talks this month focus on Typescript with James Hrisho (@securingsincity), Monorepo vs Multirepo with Jeff Whelpley (@jeffwhelpley), and Embracing Serverless with Google with Joe Lust (@lustcoder).

Looking forward to seeing you all there - cannot wait for another amazing Boston Node.JS meetup!

Brian (@codemouse

Sam (@samanthakoliver)


ps - Please update your contact information for the Boston Node meetup group to help with attendance and nametags when you get a chance.  


Intro to Meetup - Welcome - ~7:00pm


Talk #1: "Undefined is a not a function" and other things I stopped worrying about after using TypeScript with James Hrisho (@securingsincity)

Over the past few years, TypeScript has grown significantly in popularity. We'll explore the basics of TypeScript and why it has been a game changer for Maxwell Health. We'll go over how to add it to your projects today and the powerful tooling that comes with having a type system in place.

James Hrisho is an Engineering Manager at Maxwell Health. He leads teams working with TypeScript, GraphQL, React, PHP and Scala


Quick break ~7:30pm - 7:45pm


Talk #2: Monorepo vs multirepo with Jeff Whelpley (@jeffwhelpley)

If 10 new developers started pushing changes to your current codebase tomorrow would productivity grind to a halt? Is it difficult to refactor many different sections of your code at the same time? Do you feel like there is too much overhead involved with your current dev processes? If you answered yes to any of these then you may be interested in this talk. In this talk, I will go over why it is hard to share code efficiently at scale and what we can do about it. A central part of the discussion will be the advantages and disadvantages of using one large monorepo vs many smaller repos vs something in between.

Jeff is the CTO of GetHuman, co-organizer Boston AI meetup, co-organizer Boston Angular meetup, and a Google Developer Expert (GDE).


Talk #3: Embracing Serverless with Google: The Good, the Beta, and the Ugly with Joe Lust (@lustcoder)

The age of Serverless is upon us with Google Cloud, Firebase, Azure, AWS, and even Twilio releasing FaaS solutions. Developers must eschew the server-hugging past and embrace the Serverless architecture. This talk covers two Node focused solutions: Google Cloud Functions and Firebase Cloud Functions. We’ll review live coding examples and discuss the pay-per-request, event-driven, no-touch scaling paradigm, including its strengths and pitfalls.

Joseph Lust is a full-stack software engineer building AI testing solutions @mabl, with 10 years web app and 20 years web development background. He's an avid coder, blogger, and presenter. Joseph builds Big Data cloud applications which handle millions of requests and billions of records using Python, Scala, and Node.



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