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Boston, MA /

PARTNER EVENT: HoloHack - a HoloLens Hackathon

This is NOT a Boston Azure-hosted event (so you CANNOT sign up on this site - see links below) but it is posted here since it should be of INTEREST to many Boston Azure members. Why of interest? Because Azure is a great complement to HoloLens solutions. One cool example: Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and HoloLens enable revolutionary solutions for thyssenkrupp Elevator

And you can have Azurey fun with HoloLens too - check out @crpietschmann's post:


There will be a hands-on two-day HoloLens event that will feature access to real HoloLens devices, mentorship, workshop, prizes and networking opportunities. 


This HoloHack event will take place in Boston on June 21 – 22. For exact location details, please consult the official site.

You can find more details here where you will also find a short application form (but don't be shy!):


Gavin Bauman, a Boston-based Microsoft Tech Evangelist, is helping run the event. Feel free to send him any questions you might have -- his twitter handle is @gavination2, though after this event he *may* need his handle upgraded to @HoloSuperStar (note: not same as "hollow").


You can't sign up through Boston Azure since this is not one of our events. We are just helping spread the awesome word. Please apply for a spot from the official site


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