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Boston, MA /

July Presentation Night

Cambridge Innovation Center 1 Broadway , Cambridge, (map)

Some scientific talks, sponsored by Kyruus.

Narendra Mukherjee: Open Source Electrophysiology

I am a neuroscience PhD student at Brandeis, studying taste processing in rats. I implant electrodes in the 'taste area' of the brain, and record from them while the animal is tasting stuff. We believe in the idea of open-source electrophysiology and have developed a Python- and Linux-based hardware and software suite at a fraction of the cost of most commercial solutions.

Joseph Wachutka: Raspberry Pi support for Neuroscience

An overview of our experiences at Brandeis with several hacker boards (esp Arduino, Micro python, and the Pi) and how the Pi suits our purposes the best.

Joseph Farah: CORAL - A real-time sentry for the world's oceans

CORAL keeps track of worldwide percentages of coral bleaching in real time using data from the NOAA and compares it to fluctuations in temperature, pH, etc. It is very dynamic and supports input from any of the NOAA's realtime public data. It also has a front-facing GUI for users to generate graphs and the like to use in scientific publications.

Our pizza sponsor is Kyruus.    Kyruus takes a "Moneyball" approach to matching patients to the right healthcare providers through its search, scheduling, and data management platform. We work with over 85,000 providers across 400+ hospitals nationwide to reduce appointment wait times for patients, improve referral quality for providers, and optimize capacity utilization for hospital systems.


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