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Boston, MA /

Building Data Science Summit! (ticket purchase required)

Created by Data Scientists for Data Scientists, with the objective of reducing the time required to build tools, platforms and careers in support of data science. Save 25% with coupon code "bnt":

We do this by leveraging the data science community to teach others in a mentor / mentee model. Our goal is to establish 500 mentoring relationships by the end of 2017. At BDSS, we will introduce three core, branded, initiatives-- the Aspirants Bootcamp, the Mentors Cafe, and the Building Data Science Leaders Roundtable. Save 25% with coupon code "bnt" through 5/31 ($[masked]). Register

Also, check out the MITX Data Summit: Unlocking the Value of Your Data! The must-attend Boston conference for the most in-depth actionable insights and intelligence to boost business results. Today, the ability to analyze and act on data is increasingly important to making complex business decisions. Therefore, understanding the high volumes of data available to marketers provides more opportunity to create meaningful offers and products for your customers – ultimately adding to your ROI and profits. 6/14 8:30 am in Cambridge, MA. $110 through 5/24, $125 after. Get Information  and contact Lauren Cohen to register at member rates: lcohen "at"

Boston Mobile App Developers is supported by: 

The power of IBM Watson and IBM Cloud at your disposal! Augment solutions with technology designed to assist people, not replace them. Leverage IBM Bluemix. Weave together application services, infrastructure and data. Bare-Metal to virtualized infrastructure, tailored to meet your needs. Learn more: 

• IBM Watson

• IBM DeveloperWorks

• Unleash IBM for Startups

• What IBM is doing in Boston


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