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Boston, MA /

Performance Double Feature: Caching Intro and Advanced Site Performance Tuning

Rightpoint 101 Arch St, 21st Floor , Boston, MA (map)

Tim Seifert and Mark Ursino of Rightpoint will present a performance double feature for Sitecore n00bs and veterans alike.

Mark Ursino will start with an intro to Sitecore caching. We'll go through the various layers of the Sitecore caching mechanisms to understand the levers you can play with as a Sitecore developer to ensure solid performance that leverages caching best practices.

Tim Seifert will close things out with advanced performance tuning. We'll work from back to front, looking at any custom databases (if you have them), our data access layer, Sitecore's API layer, and managing mark-up and assets. We'll discuss tactics related to usage of SVGs, sprites, asset concatenation, minification, deferring JavaScript, image optimization, CDN usage, and more!

Feel free to show up at 6, we'll start the presentation at 6:30 EST.

The presentation will be recorded but not broadcast live.


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